ST. ALBANS CITY –– Much of what you must know about Patrick Decelles’ services is explained in a four-minute video called “The 2GIG Experience,” found on the homepage of

“Sometimes, I send people there for information, if they’re interested in pursuing that route, and then have them get back to me,” Patrick said recently, during a chat at The Traveled Cup, in downtown St. Albans.

Patrick, of St. Albans Town, runs a home-based business as a security consultant for homes and businesses. He is an independent consultant and broker for services through Alliance Security. His three primary areas of services are monitored security, video surveillance and home automation.

Monitored security, which Patrick called “the most relevant,” involves ‘round-the-clock oversight by a central agency. Options include burglary, medical and fire protection.

“I’ve had a couple of local homes and businesses saved by this option,” Patrick said of monitored fire protection.

Video surveillance involves indoor cameras primarily, and the majority of Patrick’s clients that utilize video surveillance services are commercial. Typically, he arranges 36- or 60-month agreements for equipment, and he locks in rates.

“Here, with residential customers, we’re usually just talking about cameras pointed at the front door,” Patrick said. “For commercial customers, it’s more involved, with multiple surveillance points utilized to cover a variety of a security concerns.”

Through Patrick’s home automation services, clients can remotely manage their thermostat, lights and certain appliances or functions in their home – “right down to the crock pot on the toaster,” Patrick said. “Remote thermostat usage is super, super popular, due to the energy cost savings realized.”

With all clients, Patrick starts with a free consultation at their home and/or business. He then offers a sales quote, orders the package and schedules an installation from one of his own local technicians.

About 80 percent of Patrick’s work is in residential security; the rest is on the commercial end.

With reports about home invasions more commonly in the news, business has picked up a bit for Patrick. “It’s no coincidence,” he said, noting that most break-ins occur between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when no one is home; and, unfortunately, if the home invasion happens with an occupant present, an injury ensues one-third of the time, he said.

“We’re not here to create Fort Knox,” Patrick said. “We’re here to give you a very effective deterrent.”

Patrick covers all of Vermont but can sell his services in 30 other states and most metropolitan markets.

“The majority of my business is Vermont-based,” he said.

Patrick started working as a security consultant about five years ago. Prior to that, he was a psychotherapist for 15 years.

“I was in the peace-of-mind business,” he said, “and I still am today.”

Patrick, a 46-year-old Irasburg native, graduated from Sacred Heart Catholic School, in 1985. He also graduated from St. Michael’s College in 1989, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and earned his master’s degree from the University of Rhode Island, in 1992. He has a doctorate in marriage and family therapy from Virginia Tech.

While working as a therapist, Patrick knew he would eventually work in consulting or sales, because he enjoyed building relationships with people.

“This security thing just fell into my life,” he said. “I am really happy that I did it. I love what I do.”