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27. The Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail stretches from St. Albans to Richford. How many miles long is it?

    1. 25.3
    2. 26.1
    3. 28.5
    4. 30.2

26. Which Vermont governor founded the Franklin Telephone Company?

    1. Charles Bell
    2. Fletcher Proctor
    3. Charles Gates
    4. Horace Graham

25. Comic book artist and writer Dan Parent, born in St. Albans, is best known for his work on what comic book series? Hint: Parent created the series’ first openly gay character in 2012.

    1. Batman
    2. X-Men
    3. Bone
    4. Archie

24. General George Stannard commanded the Vermonters who were key to stopping Pickett’s Charge during the Battle of Gettysburg. In which Franklin County town was he born?

    1. Georgia
    2. Highgate
    3. Montgomery
    4. Swanton

23. Richford’s Hometown Follies have been entertaining the town since which decade?

    1. 1930’s
    2. 1950’s
    3. 1970’s
    4. 1990’s

The Hometown Follies has an enduring history in the life of Richford. “We have records from the Historical Society, and show programs that date back to the 30s,” Marianne Hall, Stage Director, said.  At that time the Richford elementary and high school students were heavily involved in this variety show event.  Monies raised early on benefited Richford schools.  Sometime in the last 30 to 35 years the proceeds raised began to benefit local seniors instead of local schools.

22. After coaching the BFA-St. Albans boys hockey team to four state championships in 11 years, current University of Maine head coach Dennis ‘Red’ Gendron had his name engraved twice on the Stanley Cup working for this NHL organization:

    1. Boston Bruins
    2. Los Angeles Kings
    3. New Jersey Devils
    4. Montreal Canadiens

21. Maquam, used locally to name a road and a wildlife area, is an Alogonquian word for what mammal?

    1. Muskrat
    2. Beaver
    3. Fox
    4. Fisher

20. Which of the following books was NOT written by St. Albans physician Stephen Russell Payne?

    1. Cliffwalking
    2. Riding My Guitar: The Rick Norcross Story
    3. Ties That Bind Us
    4. Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project

Stephen Russell Payne is a fourth-generation Vermonter from the Northeast Kingdom town of St. Johnsbury. A lifelong writer, he has published fiction, non-fiction and poetry in a number of publications including Vermont Life magazine, the Tufts Review, The Vermont Literary Review, Livin’ the Vermont Way magazine and Route 7- Vermont Literary Journal. He is also the author of the 2013 book, Riding My Guitar – The Rick Norcross Story, a fascinating biography of iconic Vermont folk and western swing musician, Rick Norcross. A portion of proceeds from that book go to support the Lake Champlain Land Trust. 

19. This Red Sox third baseman, born in Enosburgh, played in three World Series for the Red Sox and one for the Indians.

    1. Larry Gardner
    2. Ernie Andres
    3. George Cochran
    4. Clyde Engle

Larry Gardner was born in Enosburgh, Vermont and attended Enosburgh High School. He began playing baseball in the Franklin County League and attended the University of Vermont where he played baseball. Gardner was signed by the Boston Red Sox as an amateur free agent in 1908, and played his first professional game on June 25, 1908.

18. The Lamoille Valley Trail is planning to restore 11 miles of trail in Franklin County as part of a major rehabilitation project. Once complete, the trail will cover how many miles?

    1. 93
    2. 95
    3. 97
    4. 99

17. Which St. Albans resident represented Vermont at the 1860 Republican National Convention which nominated Abraham Lincoln for president?

    1. J. Gregory Smith
    2. John Smith
    3. Asa Owen Aldis
    4. Lawrence Brainerd

The 1860 Republican National Convention, also known as the 2nd Republican National Convention, was a nominating convention of the Republican Party of the United States, held in Chicago, Illinois, from May 16 to 18, 1860. The gathering nominated former U.S. Representative Abraham Lincoln of Illinois for President of the United States and Senator Hannibal Hamlin of Maine for Vice President. 

16. When was the Enosburg Opera House founded?

    1. 1872
    2. 1892
    3. 1922
    4. 1942

In 1892, the Dr. B.J. Kendall Co., a manufacturer of patent medicines and the largest employer in the area, presented the Town of Enosburg and the Village of Enosburg Falls with a building which became known as the Enosburg Opera House. Located in the center of the village, this wonderful Victorian style, wood frame building soon became a local landmark.

The Opera House remains a cultural center of surrounding Franklin County.  Noted for its exceptional acoustics, the Opera House is a perfect venue for a wide variety of events.  Over the years, audiences from near and far have listened to the strains of classical music as well as to the cadence of a John Philip Sousa march conducted by the master himself.  It is no small wonder that it is on the National Historic register.

15. How many state championships did Elle Purrier win in high school track and cross country?

    1. 15
    2. 16
    3. 17
    4. 18

14. Which Franklin County rivers have been designated Wild and Scenic?

    1. Stevens and Rugg Brooks
    2. Rock River
    3. Black Creek
    4. Trout and Missisquoi Rivers

In December 2014, Vermont joined the prestigious network of the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System when a congressional action designated 46.1 miles of the Upper Missisquoi River and the Trout River as Wild & Scenic. These beautiful rivers now join other celebrated rivers in 40 U.S. states and commonwealths; these 208 designated rivers are preserved and safeguarded for their remarkable scenic, recreational, geologic, fish and wildlife, historic, and cultural values.

13. What local resident shot the large gray wolf that threatened the Franklin County countryside during the 1830s?

    1. T.W. Smith
    2. Lawrence Brainerd
    3. Asa Aldis
    4. Charles Felton

12. Who donated the funds for the founding of the St. Albans Free Library?

    1. Edward Curtis
    2. J. Gregory Smith
    3. Anna Brainerd Smith
    4. John Smith

The new library building on Maiden lane was completely finished in 1902 by the W. B. Fonda Company. Gov. John Gregory Smith had provided in his will (1891) a sum for a library building and also money for a soldier’s monument. The family, who were executors and executrices of the will, finally settled on the idea of a memorial hall on the second floor of the building which they caused to be erected for the use of the veterans of the civil war and their organization, Alonzo Hurlbut Post No. 60, Grand Army of the Republic as long as this group should exist. They also provided for the fine bronze plaque with its stirring message that was affixed to the entrance-porch wall on the brick library, which is situated on a lot 87 feet by 130 feet.

11. What was the combined record for BFA-St. Albans boys basketball and hockey in 1987, when seniors John LeClair and Matt Johnson led their teams to state titles?

    1. 41-6
    2. 40-8
    3. 42-5
    4. 45-2

10. Which bird species is NOT found at the Missisquoi Wildlife Refuge in Swanton?

    1. Bald eagle
    2. Osprey
    3. Swans
    4. Great Blue Heron

9. During the Revolutionary War, Swashan, the chief of the St. Francois Band of the Abenaki, met with which general, offering to fight alongside the rebel forces?

    1. George Washington
    2. Philip Shuyler
    3. Benedict Arnold
    4. John Burgoyne

8. Vermont mystery author Archer Mayor wrote a novel set in Franklin County. What is it called?

    1. St. Albans Fire
    2. The Enosburgh Murders
    3. A Fire in Firefax
    4. Lake Champlain Drowning

7. Which high school programs have won the most state championships, boys and girls combined?

    1. BFA-St. Albans hockey (27)
    2. CVU soccer (31)
    3. Essex hockey (20)
    4. Essex basketball & and soccer (22)

6. Lake Champlain International’s Champlain Basin Derby runs for 50 weeks. During that time, participants seek to catch how many different species of fish?

    1. 9
    2. 11
    3. 13
    4. 15

The CBD is an everything-for-everyone tournament. 50 weeks of fishing on any legal, public body of water within the US boundaries of the Lake Champlain Basin. Fish for cash prizes in 15 species. Weigh them in at a location close to your favorite fishing hole, then head on home and have a fresh fish dinner!

5.  Fairfield’s public library was founded with a donation from which Vermont Lieutenant Governor?

    1. F. Steward Stranahan
    2. Consuelo Northrup Bailey
    3. George Aiken
    4. George N. Dale

Bent Northrop Memorial Library was established in 1987 with a gift from Bent Northrop’s daughter, Consuelo Northrop Bailey, as a memorial to her father. Mary Northrop Wallis, sister of Consuelo, left a fund for books upon her death. Dr. Winston and Mrs. Frederika (Northrop) Sargent provided a third generous donation.

4. Local artist Corliss Blakely works primarily in what medium?

    1. She’s a sculptor
    2. She draws
    3. She’s a painter
    4. She creates lithographs

Corliss was featured in a story in the St. Albans Messenger in December 2016.


3.  What Local Event gives you FULL TOTAL ACCESS for only $10?

    1. The Dam Ducky Derby
    2. The St. Albans Winter Festival
    3. The Franklin County Field Days
    4. The Tractor Parade

The Franklin County Field Days has been hosting fun events for over 40 years. Enjoy rides, demolition derbies, horse shows, and more, all for just $10!

2. The three-story building in the center of Kamp Kill Kare was built in the 1870s as a _________.

    1. Camp for girls
    2. Camp for boys
    3. Medical school
    4. A summer resort

The Rocky Point House hotel operated on St. Albans Point on and off from the construction of the main building in the 1870’s until 1912 when it was purchased and turned into a boys’ camp. The state brought the property in 1967 and turned it into a state park.

1. In October 1776, British forces battled the rebels on Lake Champlain. Who commanded the rebel forces?

    1. Gen. George Washington
    2. Gen. Benedict Arnold
    3. Gen. Horatio Gates
    4. Gen. John Burgoyne

The Battle of Lake Champlain, the first battle for the newly built American Navy, took place on Oct. 11, 1776, at Valcour Island. The American forces were under the command of Gen. Benedict Arnold.