ST. ALBANS — The Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) board of commissioners unanimously approved a motion Wednesday night to oppose Swanton Wind during the Public Service Board’s regulatory process.

The motion ratified a recommendation from the NRPC Policy and Project Review Committee submitted yesterday. The recommendation said the committee “found that the project does not conform with a number of the provisions in the regional plan at minimum with respect to impacts to natural resources, aesthetics and orderly development of the region.”

The recommendation also stated that the committee determined the project, if constructed, would have a substantial regional impact, one of the committee’s criteria in determining to support or oppose projects.

Bakersfield resident Bill Irwin chairs the Policy and Project Review Committee. “We’ve heard from permit applicants themselves. We’ve heard from opponents. We’ve heard from consultants and contractors from both sides, and we have deliberated over those many months,” Irwin told the Board of Commissioners last night. “Through all of the information that has been shared with us and requested from us, there remains quite a bit for us to further learn and understand. But we have a recommendation.”

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