NMC entrance to reopen on Wednesday

Construction on target for 2017 completion

Elaine Ezerins

By Elaine Ezerins

Staff Writer

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β€˜It’s really about bringing our outpatient services to the front of campus and making them as accessible as possible.’

- Tyson Moulton, NMC Director of Facilities


ST, ALBANS β€” Northwestern Medical Center’s (NMC) main point-of-entry for visitors and patients is shifting from the conference center back to the main entrance on the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 21.

Director of Facilities Tyson Moulton said the hospital plans to re-open the loop road, which runs from the Fairfield Street entrance around the main building to the left, on the same day. The former one-way road was widened to allow two-way traffic moving forward.

Visitor parking can be found to the right of the main entrance in front of the new medical office building currently undergoing construction. There is additional parking available to the right of Crest Road in front of Doctors Office Commons.

Moulton said the hospital is looking into having volunteers stationed at the conference center during this transition in case visitors and patients go there by accident.

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