ST. ALBANS TOWN — It was all work and no play at the site of the future Marc’s Barc Parc on Saturday as several volunteers equipped with garden tractors, post-hole diggers and a host of other tools set out to mow the field, and prepare for installation of gates and fencing.

“I wanted to do something Marc (Carpentier) would be remembered by,” said his widow, Deb DeCell of the soon-to-be dog park located at the Hard’ack recreation area. DeCell said she used money from her late husband’s estate to purchase the fencing and seed for the project.

“Marc and I had just moved to St. Albans in the fall of 2011, when he was diagnosed with a serious cancer,” DeCell said.

“We had just found the house that he loved,” she added.

Carpentier passed away that December.

“He always loved dogs,” DeCell said showing a photo of Marc and his beloved Cock-a-poo named Dooley.

That same photo appears on the Marc’s Barc Parc Facebook page along with a mission statement, project details, and a wish list for volunteerism and donations needed to complete the project.

“Without Deb and Frank Cioffi we would not have been able to do this,” said Joe Malboeuf, project coordinator.

Malboeuf explained that Cioffi is a landowner that has generously donated property in the past and has now the entire field that will house the dog park, which is the lot on the corner of Congress Street and the Hard’ack entrance near Fisher Pond Road.

DeCell said if all goes well the plan is to host a grand opening “Hot Dog” picnic by the end of August.

In the meantime there’s plenty more to be done to complete the project, which includes separate areas for large and small dogs.

“We need this because sometimes the large dogs will just bowl over the smaller ones,” DeCell said.

“The plan includes an entrance from Congress Street and another from the Hard’ack parking area,” she said.

“We are going to have a double gate system which is highly recommended for dog parks. You enter the first gate, then unleash at the second one,” DeCell added.

“The idea is to provide a safe environment for both people and pets.”

She said there has already been great response, with many people willing to volunteer time and muscle power, as well as monetary donations.

“We are working on plans to partner with Ben & Jerry’s for an upcoming workday,” DeCell said, “They want to get involved as part of their community action volunteerism program.”

“Lunch today will be provided by Lilly Gamache, and her Subway stores,” she added.

Marc’s Barc Parc is going to be so much more than just a place for dogs to run, there will also be landscape features to accommodate the “human visitors,” such as park benches, and trees and shrubs.

“Guy Devarney is coordinating the landscaping,” DeCell said.

Devarney is the owner of Spazio Verde, an interior plants and gardening business located in Fairfax.

“This is going to be an ongoing summer-long project, and we certainly need help,” DeCell said.

“We welcome help from landscapers and garden centers to get the grounds looking good,” she added. “We want to turn this into our own Central Park North!”

For more information visit, visit their Facebook page, or call Deb DeCell at 802-734-0551.