FRANKLIN — Nat Worman’s grandchildren hope he’ll live to be 100.

It’s possible. That landmark is just six years away.

The Harvard-educated newspaperman continued to work well into his 90s. His last piece, on fellow Franklin resident Brian Rainville, appeared in the Messenger in 2015.

But, as it inevitably does, age is starting to catch up with him. “The toughest thing to do right now is to think,” said Nat. It has become a tiring activity, a frustration for a man who lived his life surrounded by books and ideas.

Movement, too, has become more challenging since an injury last year. “I look out from a car and see someone walking nonchalantly or even briskly… and I think, ‘woah, look at that,’” he said.

Sitting in his Franklin home, in a rustic room where vinyl albums fill one end and his son Josh’s artwork hangs above the couch, Nat is clear he wants to begin our conversation with what matters most, his family.

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