The Saint Albans Museum is currently in search of historic postcards featuring images of the greater St. Albans area for our archives. Our goal is to scan these postcards and make them available digitally to visitors and online to the general public in early 2018. Many of those currently in our collection feature a variety of scenes depicting local architecture, area businesses, government buildings, or the natural beauty of Lake Champlain, for example.

Did you know, according to the Chicago Postcard Museum, that “Deltiology” is the study of postcards? The term is taken from the Greek word Deltion (small pictures or cards) and Logos (study) term was first used by Randall Rhodes of Ashland, Ohio. Alternate words for the study of postcards is Cartology and Cartophilist.

The Smithsonian Institute published an online history of postcards, which first appeared in 1861 and were popular through the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Postcards – known early on as “Postal Cards” or “Private Mailing Cards” were printed by both governments and private companies. Originally, the postage rate was 1¢ or 2¢, depending on the producer. Today, the rate is 34¢. You can learn more here:

If you are in possession of any historic postcards related to the history of St. Albans, please consider donating them to the Saint Albans Museum – or allowing them to be photographed for inclusion our digital exhibit. You can contact SAM at (802) 527-7933 or online at