Charlie Moore

Charlie Moore

ST. ALBANS — AllEarth Rail has hired Charlie Moore as president.

The passenger rail company founded by David Blittersdorf of AllEarth Renewables plans to restore commuter rail service in Vermont.

Moore, a retired railroad executive who lives in St. Albans, said he was excited by the opportunity to bring commuter rail here. “This is so exciting for Vermont. Hopefully, it’s exciting for St. Albans,” he said. “I couldn’t pass it up.”

The company has 12 commuter cars, two purchased in Canada, and ten purchased from the city of Dallas, according to Moore.

The goal is to create a commuter rail service from St. Albans to Chittenden County and from Chittenden County south. “Just look at the people who get on the Interstate at Exit 19,” said Moore.

For example, those who work at Global Foundries could potentially exit the train right at the rail stop on the company’s campus.

Riding the train would be both more environmentally friendly and offer riders the ability to “get on your computer and work on the way to the office,” said Moore.

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