ST. ALBANS CITY — Prosecutors have three days to locate a key piece of evidence in the case against a man who allegedly burglarized the Maple City Diner.


Police arrested Brahin Lloyd, a 28-year-old from Pennsylvania, on Aug. 19, following a tip from an unidentified informant who told police Lloyd had been involved in the Aug. 14 burglary of the Maple City Diner.


Lloyd was the third suspect identified in connection with the burglary, after Naomi Gaboury, 40, who called police and admitted her role in the burglary but did not turn herself in, and Joseph Devino, 37. Police discovered items stolen from the diner, including the diner’s safe and its laptop computer, in Devino’s apartment.


Gaboury told police Devino had no knowledge of the burglary, and that she had brought the stolen items to his residence when he was not home. She refused to identify her accomplice, but the unidentified tipster, whom St. Albans Police Officer Keith Cote noted in his affidavit has “strong ties” to Gaboury, told Cote that Lloyd was that accomplice.


Police affidavits refer to a security tape from the Maple City Diner, showing the burglars in action. But as Lloyd’s attorney, Michael Ledden, pointed out during Lloyd’s arraignment, the affidavits’ description of the video is ambiguous.

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