ST. ALBANS CITY — The second of Senator Norm McAllister’s sexual assault trials has been postponed until December.

Deputy State’s Attorney Diane Wheeler requested the change, citing a family emergency that would take her out of the state during the scheduled trial dates.

The trial was originally scheduled for Aug. 10 through 12, with motion hearings on Aug. 8 and jury drawing on Aug. 9.

The date of the jury draw coincided with the state’s primary election, in which McAllister is up for re-election.

In an email with the Franklin County Superior Court clerk, one of McAllister’s attorneys, David Williams, said they had “no problem” postponing the trial until December.

In another email, Wheeler discussed the possibility of Deputy State’s Attorney John Lavoie taking over the case to keep the trial on schedule.

“While John is an extraordinary trial attorney, he is brand new to this case,” Wheeler wrote. “Unfortunately, he would not have the time to adequately prepare in a week as the file is comprised of about two boxes.”

The lead witness’s deposition was also interrupted.

This is the second time the trial has been postponed. It was originally scheduled for February.

A final trial date has not been set at this time.

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