ST. ALBANS — Norm McAllister’s defense attorney, Robert Katims, asked a Franklin County Superior Court judge for more time before the start of McAllister’s July trial.

The jury draw commencing the trial has been scheduled for July 11 since the first week of April.

But Katims argued in court yesterday the case has become more complex since then. He reprised his argument from an earlier June court hearing, saying that he did not know the State planned to include evidence related to two other alleged victims of sexual abuse from McAllister.

Katims acknowledged that the State filed notice of its intent within 30 days of the trial’s start date, as legally required, but said the amount of additional work required as a result makes the current trial schedule “unfair.”

The trial is scheduled for three days. If the court admits all the State’s intended evidence, Katims told Judge Martin A. Maley, the trial could run two-and-a-half weeks.

Deputy State’s Attorney John Lavoie argued that evidence of further abuse by McAllister shows his “plan to exploit various people in his employ, or to whom he offered housing, for the purposes of his sexual gratification.”

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