ST. ALBANS CITY — A man remains barricaded in his apartment on Main Street in a perfect example of the challenges now faced by police, who are increasingly called upon to deal with the mentally ill.

After a standoff that closed Main Street in front of Taylor Park for most of the day Wednesday, St. Albans Police Chief Gary Taylor made the decision in the mid-afternoon to deescalate the situation by removing the obvious signs of police presence and seeing if the man would exit the building after heat, water and electricity to his apartment were cut off.

“We had no indication he was going to harm himself or others,” said Taylor. The man had not threatened anyone, but he was determined not to leave the building or allow anyone else in, according to Taylor. “He doesn’t have any intention of leaving that building and now he thinks all of it belongs to him.”

“It’s difficult to assess sometimes when you are escalating a situation or de-escalating,” said Taylor.

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