HIGHGATE — Joshua Hemingway of Highgate, 8, was granted his wish of a trip to Legoland in Florida by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that grants the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses, on Wednesday afternoon.

Family members gathered at Highgate Elementary School to surprise Hemingway with news of the trip during the designated library time for his class. Hemingway was diagnosed with leukemia on Feb. 6 of this year, and returned to school in the midst of treatments just for this special day.

Make-A-Wish Wish Granters Patty Rainville and Sandy Leavitt arranged the wish after a medical professional working with Hemingway referred him to the organization. They started working with his family at the end of February, and visited them at home on May 6 to talk about the prospects of a wish in detail.

Since his diagnosis, individuals have been donating Lego sets to Hemingway, to provide him with something fun to do throughout his treatment process.

“He had the most incredible Legos built,” says Rainville, reflecting on her home visit with Hemingway. Hemingway says he had about 30 structures completed at that time.

Hemingway will also be able to visit a few Disney World parks to compliment his Legoland visit. The family plans to take the trip this fall.