Local Fairfax artist Janet Bonneau creates oil paint sketches of the Lois McClure, a replica of an 1863 canal schooner, yesterday. Bonneau was one of the many people taking a look at the boat during its annual visit to the St. Albans Bay, one stop along its tour up and down Lake Champlain.

The boat, based off of models of sailing schooners, was built ten years ago in the Shelburne Shipyard and has been used as an educational tool ever since. A crew of ten live aboard the ship as it travels up and down Vermont and New York’s shores.

Bonneau said she was on her way to Hathaway Point to paint yesterday when she happened to notice the tall sail masts and large schooner in the bay. “I thought, this is really going to be a fun subject to paint,” she said. “I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity.”