ENOSBURG FALLS — Lise Gates, the owner of the Dairy Center, is one of four mothers across the U.S. who will travel down to Washington D.C. this month to receive a Mother of Achievement award from American Mothers, Inc.

American Mothers, a non-governmental organization whose mission is “to champion women by honoring, educating and serving mothers at home, at work and in the world,” honors mothers from all over the U.S. every year; Mother of the Year from each state and a few Mothers of Achievement for the entire U.S.

Nominated by the Enosburg Falls Lions Club, Gates won the recognition of being a Mother of Achievement this year.

The Mother of Achievement award recognizes outstanding women who make an impact outside of their families, according to American Mothers, Inc. A nominee should be a woman whose efforts and service have made a significant impact and achieved positive outcomes for mothers and children at the local, state and/or national level, but she does not personally need to be a mother, according to the organization.

“As we looked at all of the qualifications that American Mother is looking for in a Mother of Achievement,” said Tim Stetson, a Lions Club member, “it was pretty apparent that Lise met all of those qualifications.”

Gates won the award based on her “contributions to families and her community over several decades of service,” according to a press release. Her work with St. John the Baptist Church, Enosburg Falls Lions Club, the Luc Gates Foundation and outreach through the Dairy Center were some examples listed.

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