ST. ALBANS CITY – As more and more businesses work toward becoming paperless, they still find a need to shred paper, especially when it comes to medical records, legal documents, and similar forms of red tape that require careful handling and privacy.

Jon LaShure realized all this when he bought Vermont Shred last January, and, along with his fiancée, Ryleigh Poissant, they have grown the business by 40 percent in their first year.

“I’ve started to get a lot more local support,” said Jon, 27, while seated with Ryleigh, 22, at The Traveled Cup, in St. Albans.

Vermont Shred is a secure, on-site document shredding and recycling business that Jon currently operates out of his Grand Avenue home, in Swanton.

With a 2008 International box truck – custom-built for Jon by Alpine Shredders, in Canada – Jon travels from residence to residence, business to business, and shreds documents on the spot. He then brings them for baling to a local, secure recycling center.

Jon’s shredder runs off his truck engine, and he can shred 200 pounds of paper in five minutes. He can also store up to 4 tons of shredded paper – securely – in his truck.

Vermont Shred’s rates vary from client to client, depending on the size of their receptacles, and the frequency of their visits from Jon. His fees can range anywhere from $15 to $500 per month, per client.

“I’ve done jobs that are $25,” he said. “I’ve done jobs that are $2,500.”

Jon is taking any and all clients right now, to build his business. His clients believe it’s a better investment to solicit his services, rather than buy office shredders and pay people to sit by the machines for hours.

Jon is also looking to bolster business in Franklin County, where lawyers, doctors, and corporations could benefit from his business – likely at a lower rate than his competitors. He is willing to negotiate contracts with regular customers, and he is available for a one-time purge.

“Locally, I’d like to pick up the small accounts and build from there,” Jon said. “I want to bring a big, commercial-type service to smaller offices.”

Vermont Shred consists of Jon and Ryleigh. She handles bookkeeping and finances. He handles all the sales and physical work – no problem for him, at 6’6” and about 280 pounds.

Vermont Shred opened in June 2011 as the offshoot of an existing business that leased and sold printers. Jon bought Vermont Shred in 2013.

Jon still owns LaShure’s Pro Shop, at Highgate Arena, with his father, Gary, a veteran teacher at Missisquoi Valley Union High School (MVU).

Jon graduated from MVU in 2004 and from the University of Vermont in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in private recreation management.

Ryleigh graduated from MVU in 2009 and will graduate from Johnson State College this May with a bachelor’s degree in business. She works part-time at Kissane Associates law offices, in St. Albans.

Jon and Ryleigh will wed this August.

Jon would like to base Vermont Shred at a St. Albans location, and secure his own warehouse and baler.

“I really enjoy doing this,” he said. “It changes every day. It’s always something different.”