SWANTON — Stephen Trahan of St. Albans Town submitted these historic photos of Swanton from the early 1950s.

Above is a photo of the Swanton Golden Crust Bakery fleet of vehicles. It was taken around 1951 at the intersection of Merchants Row and Canada Street, Swanton. In the background are the old Chittenden Trust Bank and the Taquahunga Club, which became York Manufacturing. The white three-story bakery can barely be seen between the two buildings. The Golden Crust Bakery was owned by Gabriel Trahan and Gaetan Boudreau; they also owned Ann’s Bakeshop on Main Street, St. Albans. Later, Gabe Trahan became the sole proprietor of the Golden Crust in Swanton, and Gaetan Boudreau owned Ann’s Bakeshop.

Golden Crust Bakery, Swanton, VT circa 1950's

In the above photo, the original owners of the Swanton Bakery, Hector and Euclide Trahan can be seen with their wives Rose and Anna, sitting on the running board of one of their first bakery trucks. While the exact year is unknown, it was probably taken in 1933 (notice the wood spoke wheels on truck). The home in the background is that of Napoleon Trahan (Hector and Euclide’s father) on the Gore Road in Highgate. The story goes that this photo was taken on an Easter Sunday when the Gore Road was too muddy for other vehicles, so Hector and Euclide used the truck to transport relatives to the family farm for Easter Sunday festivities! They certainly look dressed for the occasion.

Interior of Golden Crust Bakery in Swanton, VT circa 1930

The above photo (1930s) shows the interior of one of the production areas in the bakery. The white dome-shaped machine on the right was used to cut rolls.

Trahan says the 1950 Olds at the end of the fleet was the car his father took him and his mother in after he was born in the St. Albans Hospital.