ST. ALBANS — This Thanksgiving, Messenger staffer Amanda Schroth asked the professional chefs in Kathleen Williams’ St. Albans City School kindergarten class how they prepare for the big day and dinner. Here’s what they had to say.

How do you pick your Thanksgiving Day turkey?

“My whole family goes into the woods. The turkey gobbles. There are 10 hundred turkeys. We pick a big turkey, 100 feet long and 100 pounds. I am strong so I help Dad pick it up and we walk home.” – Tristain Cross

“We get the turkey. We don’t hunt because our arrows in our bows are not sharpened. Dad, Mom and Andrew go to a farm. They pick a turkey by color. They see one they like, red, white, and brown. It has to be big, about 5 pounds.” – Teddy Sawyer

“My whole family is invited over for Thanksgiving, even my great grandmas. I buy the turkey. I buy the turkey on the bone or off the bone. I buy it at Price Chopper. It is 14 pounds.” – Michael Way

“We all go with Mom to buy the turkey. We go to Price Chopper. The turkey is very big – 5 pounds. It cost $10. We bring the turkey home.” – Issabella Hanvey

“We go to a store, Walmart. When you get inside the store, go to the right. The turkeys are just sitting there. Grandma picks out a really big one, about four pounds. Then we take it home and put it in the refrigerator. You have to move the milk over to make room for the turkey.” -Eris Knox

“Memaw and Poppa get the turkey at a store. The turkey is 10 feet long and 10 feet wide. It cost $8.”- Jeremiah Prim

“We go to the pumpkin patch to get our turkey. Our turkey lives at the pumpkin patch. I pick a turkey and lift him up and I walk him home. I pick a clean turkey. I am smart about that stuff.” – Damien Ploof

How do you cook a turkey?

“We take the [turkey’s] neck and throw it to the wolves.” – Michael Way

“Mom brings it home and cleans it really well with her hands. Mom has to wash her hands really good in case the turkey has teeth. There are germs on the turkey’s teeth.” – Arianna Gleason

“You put the turkey in the refrigerator for 6 hours. Then you take it out and clean it with a scooper. The scooper takes out all the gross stuff.” – Jeremiah Prim

“My brother and I butter the turkey and add seasonings like basil and cinnamon. We butter the turkey inside and out. Then we put a filling in the turkey, like a crumbly filling. We put vegetables like carrots around the turkey. You cook the turkey for 7 to 8 minutes at 11 degrees.” -Skyler Sutton

“You add black things and hot sauce. We take the cap off the hot sauce and dump it all over the turkey to make the turkey taste good. Then we put plastic bags all around the turkey so it doesn’t burn. The oven has to be hot, around 2 degrees and you cook the turkey for 8 days.” – Eris Knox

“Mema cooks the turkey for 10 minutes at 11 degrees. She takes it out of the oven and lets it cool for one minute.” – Lorelai Campion

“The oven is 10 degrees hot, that is a little very hot. Cook the turkey for 10 minutes.” – Ibrahim LaRocque

“You put the pans in a hot oven, around 9 degrees. You cook the turkey for 7 hours and 99 minutes. The oven beeps. All the pans come out with oven mitts.” – Sam Watts

What else do you eat for Thanksgiving?

“For dessert, we eat Ninja Turtles macaroni and cheese.” – Lorelai Campion

“We have chicken with barbeque sauce for dessert.” -Carter Landry

“We eat turkey, chickeny birds, fish, (if we were going to eat a walrus, you would have to take the teeth out), chicken sauce, bananas, strawberries, pizza and cheese. We have chocolate milk for dessert. For dessert, we have lunchables.” – Damien Ploof

“We have a cooked vegetable pie for dessert. A vegetable is a healthy pie.” – Ibrahim LaRocque

“We don’t eat vegetables.” – Louis Tatro

What do you do before/after you eat dinner?

“I clean up. Everyone else is watching TV. After I clean up, we all dance.” -Issabella Hanvey

“Before we eat, we pray. After we eat, I sing ‘Love.’ I made that song up.” -Skyler Sutton

“We say prayers before we eat. I pray for animals like bats who have White Nose Syndrome. Noah doesn’t pray, he would rather eat.” – Sam Watts