ST. ALBANS — The public heard the strongest piece of the State’s evidence against Norm McAllister for the first time Friday: a recorded conversation between McAllister and the complainant in what would have been his second sexual assault trial, obtained during a police wiretap immediately prior to the former senator’s arrest.

McAllister was back in court Friday afternoon for the second half of a motion hearing that will determine whether McAllister can withdraw the “no contest” plea he entered in mid-January. McAllister asserted his former attorneys, Brooks McArthur and David Williams, pressured him into a hasty plea agreement without explaining collateral consequences after abruptly losing faith in his defense.

McArthur and Williams, both of whom took the stand Friday, said they repeatedly and clearly explained those consequences, that McAllister told them he would agree to the deal and that the strength of the State’s evidence throughout the case was clear.

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