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35 years ago St. Albans built world

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ST. ALBANS — His name was Abraham and he was 42 feet high.

On Feb. 12, 1982, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, students from Bellows Free Academy (BFA), with help from the community, set out to turn 211 truckloads of snow into the world’s largest snowman.

The building of Abraham was the beginning of a world record setting craze in the area that would include efforts to build the world’s largest ice cream sundae and the largest scarecrow, and to flip the world’s largest pancake.

Not only was Abraham’s construction a community event involving hundreds of volunteers, so was his demise. There was a pool with a $200 prize to the person who most closely guessed when the last of Abraham would melt away, won by Dan Marlow, the current Bellows Free Academy, St. Albans athletic director.

Abraham’s eulogy had to be postponed because the man selected to deliver it, Rev. Raymond Giroux of Holy Angels Parish, was out of town. Multiple clergymen took part in the ceremony to celebrate Abraham’s life, which included the placement of an engraved commemoration in the park.

Abraham was the brainchild of the city’s then recreation director James Hilton and Ward 5 Councilor Greg ‘Moose’ Christie.

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