ST. ALBANS — Criminals beware; a superhero has arrived, swinging in on a rope of web.

St. Albans City is now home to Marvel comic book character Spiderman, courtesy of Luke Hungerford, 21, of St. Albans.

Luke Hungerford Spiderman

Luke Hungerford indulges his love for Spiderman by portraying the superhero for children.

The Johnson State College art major, theatre minor combined his love for comic books and costumes with self-taught skills in gymnastics and parkour, an athletic discipline derived from going through obstacle courses used to train soldiers, to breathe life into the two-dimensional superhero.

Donning an imported $570 red and blue, stretchy, skin-tight suit, Hungerford is realizing one of his childhood dreams: being Spiderman.

He goes by Rail City Spidey.

“I’ve loved comics since I was a little kid,” said Hungerford, his cousin gifting him his first set at the age of six. “Since then, it’s just grown and grown and grown.”

His favorite parts of comic books are the characters. They are an ideal version of humans, with character attributes people strive to have. His admiration for the characters drove him to write a college essay on the human element of superheroes.

“That’s always interested me… the character aspect,” he said, “and the action’s pretty cool too. And the fighting’s always pretty sweet.”


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