This steam engine replica was created by the McEnany Salvage Co. for the St. Albans American Legion Post, circa 1976, most likely for the American bicentennial.

Obviously this little ‘engine that could’ was motorized and belched black smoke from its stack. In the back you will note several children getting the ride of a lifetime, too. The gentleman standing to the right is Robert Fitzgerald, who did the lettering for the engine. He was a local commercial artist. These wonderful images come to us from his son Terry.

Engine 243

Engine 243 as seen from the back.

Amazingly, in a clipping from 1976, it indicates that this very strange but fun vehicle was driven to Montreal to appear there in a parade. One wonders if that would be possible today.

Did you ever have a ride in Engine #243? What ever became of it? If you are able to help fill in some information about it, please call the museum at 527-7933 or get in touch with us at

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