ST. ALBANS CITY — St. Albans City Fire Chief, Steve Miller, has resigned after less than a year in the position.

Contacted this morning, Miller said he resigned because of a personal, family matter unconnected to the city fire department.

“The city is grateful for Steve’s service,” said St. Albans City Manager Dominic Cloud today. “He’s served the city well. This was his decision, not ours. We wish him all the best.”

Until Miller is replaced, Capt. Matt Mulheron will assume command at fire scenes. St. Albans Police Chief Gary Taylor will take over Miller’s administrative duties. Neither will be receiving additional pay. Taylor had handled interim administrative duties prior to Miller’s hiring.

Cloud said he would meet with the city’s firefighters on Tuesday.

The city has a largely volunteer force with just three paid firefighters, the chief, Mulheron and fire marshal Josh Cox.

Miller was hired as deputy fire chief in the summer of 2012 and promoted to full chief in November. Miller succeeded former fire chief Joe Beaudry, who retired after decades with the department.