ST. ALBANS — On April 4, Franklin County Animal Rescue (FCAR) will close its doors for two months.

The animals currently in the shelter are being transferred to other area shelters. “They’re our number one priority,” said board co-chair Paul Martin.

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This chart shows revenues and expenses for the current fiscal year starting on July 1, 2016, based on actual expenses for the months completed and projections for the rest.

A rabies clinic scheduled for this Saturday at Guy’s Farm and Yard will take place as scheduled.

“We’re ceasing operations due to some ongoing challenges,” said Jane Ryan, speaking on behalf of FCAR’s board. “We’re not going bankrupt, but we do have some financial challenges.”

Contributing to the financial challenges were eight dogs seized in Richford in 2015 from Randall Sheperd. Because Sheperd refused to surrender custody of the dogs, FCAR could not put them up for adoption and for more than a year cared for the dogs at a total cost of $55,000.

While the courts ordered Sheperd must repay the money, it is unlikely FCAR will receive anything from him, noted Ryan.

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