HIGHGATE — The owner of Sweetie Pies Bakery has downsized operations, no longer selling cookies, bars and other baked goodies in Maplefields and Jolley Stores around Franklin County, to care for her husband with Parkinson’s disease.

Up until two weeks ago, Nancy Cadieux, 60, baked cookies, bars, whoopee pies, fruit pies, cakes, doughnuts, and bread for the gas station convenience stores, personal orders, and Hartman’s Farm Stand in Enosburg Falls in a commercial kitchen built in the backyard of her home on Brousseau Road.

Cadieux’s family helped with the initial set up of the business in 1999 and often with wrapping and delivery on Mondays and Thursdays since then, but for the majority of the past 18 years, Cadieux has worked on her own, putting hours of labor into Sweetie Pies Bakery, sometimes 80 to 90 hours a week during the summer months, to keep the business up and running.

The amount of time and energy required to sustain this level of production is why she is pulling out of the convenience stores; she said her husband, Steve, who lives with Parkinson’s disease, needs her now more than ever.

“The last six months, he’s gone downhill,” said Cadieux. “He’s just… not the same.”

Diagnosed with the disease in the early 2000s, Steve retired from his position as a machinist at Vermont Precision Tools in Swanton four years ago.

“He is getting forgetful,” she said. “I have to make sure he eats, takes his medicine, and you know, that’s three times a day. And it was just, it was getting overwhelming.”

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