FAIRFIELD — A Fairfield family lost its home and all but a few of its possessions to fire this weekend.

According to Fairfield Fire Chief Tim Corey, the house owned by Michael Tiffany and his family was fully ablaze when firefighters at around 1 a.m. Saturday. The home was located at 40 Tiffany Rd. near its intersection with Pumpkin Village Road.

Tiffany’s teenaged daughter was awakened by the smell of smoke and woke everyone else, said Fairfield Fire Chief Tim Corey. The family escaped unharmed and called 9-1-1.

“It was all fire everywhere,” said Corey. Sheldon, Enosburgh and St. Albans Town provided assistance, with about 20 firefighters on the scene.

The cold temperatures made it difficult to prime pumps and get water onto the fire, said Corey.

Firefighters concentrated their efforts on gun safes after learning their location from the owner, said Corey, because they contained valuables.

Other than the contents of the safes the only thing the family was able to save were the clothes they were wearing. The house, valued at more than $230,000, is a complete loss.

The fire began in an area of the home where a pellet stove was located, reported Corey. He said he would not request a fire investigation.