ST. ALBANS — A second alleged victim of former state Senator Norm McAllister will not be testifying in the his sexual assault trial next month.

Judge Martin Maley has barred testimony from the alleged second victim and any evidence that McAllister tried to extort sex from the complainant’s mother-in-law.

McAllister’s defense team, led by attorney Robert Katims, filed four motions: one seeking to exclude evidence related to two other alleged McAllister victims, one asking the court to order the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to release records related to the lead witness in McAllister’s forthcoming trial, one alleging that state prosecutors broke the law by knowingly withholding evidence and one asking the court to order a psychiatric evaluation for the aforementioned lead witness.

Judge Martin A. Maley partially granted the defense’s motion regarding DCF records by narrowing the scope of the defense’s request. Specifically, Maley ordered DCF to produce any records in which the lead witness was told she must obtain housing to regain custody of her children, and any records in which DCF stated that avoiding contact with her ex-husband might be a condition of regaining that custody.

Motions alleging the State withheld evidence and asking the court to order a psychiatric evaluation of the lead witness were outright denied.

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