ENOSBURG FALLS — The group that assembled at the emergency services building the evening of Thursday, June 22, did not have a name, only a goal: to make Enosburgh that much better.

The group is an assortment of people from Enosburgh, the town, and Enosburg Falls, the village, as many as 30, depending on the meeting. Last Thursday’s meeting drew more than 20.

Many of the group serve the area in some official capacity. For example, there’s Polly Rico, who serves on the Town of Enosburgh Selectboard and development review board, and Ellen Stanley, Enosburg Falls’ representative on the Rail Trail Committee.

The group formed, entirely by accident, in late March. Local real estate developer Jim Cameron was communicating with the Enosburgh Business Association (EBA), in connection with Cameron’s work on the Quincy Hotel.

“It seemed like there was a lot of energy to talk about stuff downtown, in particular about the empty storefronts,” Cameron said. “And then the feel of the downtown, and the economy downtown, and the restaurants that came and went. All those kinds of things.”

So Cameron and the EBA put out a flier. It said, simply: “If you’re interested in making things better in Enosburgh, come to this meeting.”

More than two-dozen people came to the meeting. The turnout, and the energy of the conversation, inspired additional meetings, held at the Quincy.

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