ENOSBURG FALLS —Enosburg Falls residents, by a vote of 99-47, have overturned a change to municipal by-laws that would have allowed a propane storage facility in the village.

Village trustees changed the by-laws in April to allow a hazardous materials facility as a conditional use in the village commercial district. Conditional uses require approval from the municipality’s development review board (DRB). Previously, facilities handling hazardous materials were prohibited from opening in the commercial district.

Residents opposed to the change petitioned for the vote.

Asked whether the village trustees were likely to bring the issue before voters a second time, village manager Jonathon Elwell said, “The voters have spoken pretty clearly on this, and I suspect the board will listen to the voters.”

D&D Properties, LLC., owners of Blouin Brothers heating oil company, sought to build a propane storage and distribution facility near the corner of Orchard Street and Route 105, across the street from Sticks & Stuff.

The company’s proposal was rejected by the DRB as such a facility was prohibited by the by-laws. However, D&D, owned by Daniel Larose and Daniel Carswell, then petitioned the village for a change in the by-laws, while also challenging the permit denial in the Vermont Environmental Court.

The permit decision is now off the table, but D&D’s court appeal asking whether the village’s exclusion of propane facilities but not gas stations from the commercial district is discriminatory, is still pending.