ENOSBURG FALLS — Village voters met at Enosburgh Middle/High School Tuesday night to elect municipal officials and decide several ballot items. All items, including the budget, passed unanimously.

Village trustees Leonard V. Charron and William Spears, Jr. were re-elected unopposed for three-year seats. In addition, write-in candidate Adam Goss was elected for the remaining one year of village trustee Mike Manahan’s term.

Manahan decided to step down early from his position.

In addition, village clerk and treasurer Andre J. Beaulieu was re-elected to his positions unopposed for another year. Patrick Hayes also regained his one year seat as moderator.

A total of 52 voters cast their ballots for municipal officials.

The unanimously approved articles last night included a budget decreasing by almost $300,000 to $728,454. This decline is due to an absence of $513,000 worth of special, non-tax funded projects in 2014.

Despite the overall decrease, the village’s tax rate will rise by just under a cent to $.5181. The amount to be raised in taxes will also increase by 2.5 percent to $491,939.

In addition to the budget, Enosburg Falls voters also approved the purchase of a new backhoe for the village. The $136,000 purchase to replace the current, 13-year-old backhoe will be split between the village Electric Department Equipment Savings Fund and the Water Department, Wastewater Department and Public Works Department general funds.

The equipment will be shared between the four village departments, and will be paid off in no more than five years.

Enosburgh and Enosburg Falls voters have one more annual meeting to go to next Tuesday, March 17. The Enosburg Town School District will hold its meeting at 7 p.m. in the Enosburgh Middle/High School auditorium to elect school officials and decide on a school budget for next year.