Grace Willey Sherwood was born in Newport, Vt. on Dec. 23, 1878. She attended St. Albans High School, which is now the Saint Albans Museum, and graduated in 1897. We believe she attended medical school at the Women’s Medical College in Philadelphia, Pa. as she bequeathed that school $17,000 when she passed away in 1948.

Dr. Sherwood returned to St. Albans after medical school and purchased the very large home of Herbert Brainerd on North Main Street. It opened as a medical facility in 1909 and became known as the Sherwood Sanitarium. That building would later become the St. Albans Elks Club and we believe was eventually demolished,a long with other amazing residences to make way for North Main Street shopping center in the 1960s.

In researching Dr. Sherwood the Saint Albans Museum staff also discovered that in years 1916 and 1917 she was president of the Vermont Equal Suffrage Association. Also serving on that board from St. Albans was Miss Emilia Houghton as corresponding secretary.suffrage-association

Dr. Grace Sherwood is buried in Greenwood Cemetary.

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