Franklin County – As a new reporter for the Messenger and a new member of the St. Albans community, I’ve been searching for ways to become acquainted with this unique, unfamiliar place. I’m a visual person, and something I’ve always enjoyed about the places I’ve lived in is recognizing the little details a newcomer may otherwise remain ignorant of.

The last few weeks, I’ve been taking the time to drive the roads in St. Albans Town and City from end to end, just to look. As I’ve become more acquainted with the area, I’ve realized it has a surplus of interesting doors. And while that may be a strange thing to notice, I think it’s a good place to start educating myself. A community’s front doors say a lot, and they’re the portals to learning even more from those who live behind them.

Here is a sample of my observational study: these are just a few of the colorful faces looking out from St. Albans homes, barns and businesses. What do they say to you?

[fbphotos id=644392968961767 size=small]

Can you guess the location of each door? View more photos in our Facebook Album.