ST. ALBANS TOWN — A large box holding 11 kittens and one adult cat was found on the side of County Road here on Monday evening, according to St. Albans Town Animal Control Officer Dave McWilliams.

“This kind of thing is usually caused by high veterinary costs. People don’t have the money to spend on animals,” McWilliams said.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident in St. Albans. McWilliams said he sees approximately 12 to 13 similar cases per year.

“This is an ongoing problem, and we had to put money into the town budget last year to help with costs of abandoned animals,” McWilliams said.

After being discovered, the kittens were taken to the Franklin County Humane Society and are currently being cared for there. Shelter Director Rusty Posner reported that the kittens are doing well.

“It was lucky they had a mother cat there to protect them, because they could have otherwise wandered into the road,” Posner said.

There were three different litters of kittens found in the box, and Posner said she hoped the mother’s was its first, due to her young age. The Humane Society is looking to find homes for the kittens and their mother.

“It really is affordable to adopt an animal,” Posner said.

Kittens are popular at the shelter, and people are always looking to adopt. Finding a place for the mother cat is always more difficult, Posner said.

If anyone saw someone leaving a box on the side of County Road across from the Northwest State Correctional Facility in St. Albans Town on Monday, or has any information about the incident, they are asked call Dave McWilliams at 393-7252.