HIGHGATE — David Miller loved to tell stories. But the coverage of his untimely death at 54 in a hit-and-run one Sunday morning along Route 78 has focused on the man allegedly responsible, Luke Loiselle, who pled guilty in court last Monday. Miller’s story has gone untold.

It’s a story his sister, Denise Norris, is eager to share.

“He had his issues, as we all do,” Norris said. “But these are the things that are true about him.”

He loved to hunt and fish. Miller and Norris grew up in Burlington’s Old North End, but Miller spent much of his teenage years and young adulthood in St. Albans, hunting and fishing with local members of the Benoit family.

“He’d come back and tell us stories about the fish he’d caught,” Norris remembered. They were “fish stories,” all right, full of fishy details and suspect emphasis. “I finally said, ‘I’ve got to see one,’” Norris recalled. The evidence is captured in the photograph accompanying this story, from Norris’s personal collection.

Later in life, Miller shared his fish stories with Norris’s children. “He loved to tell stories to the kids,” she said. “I told them, ‘Take Uncle David’s stories with a grain of salt.’”

Like Miller’s most famous hunting story, in which he claimed to have leaped from a four-wheeler and stabbed a deer with a knife.

“He loved to tell us that one,” Norris said. “Do I think he would have tried it? I think he would.” She paused. “Maybe he did. I don’t know.”

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