ST. ALBANS — The trial of Patrick Prue, 60, of Franklin, the man accused of driving drunk and causing an accident that took the life of Enosburg teenager Brendan Gleason, was been delayed until April at the earliest.

State prosecutors and defense attorneys said this morning that they need time to conduct additional depositions. A jury draw had been scheduled for this Thursday.

The defense will depose a Vermont state trooper who administered an impairment test to the driver of the car in which Gleason was a passenger, David Newton. The trooper has been on medical leave and unavailable for deposition.

“The other motorist, David Newton, admits to smoking pot before driving,” Prue’s attorney, Frank Twarog, told Judge Gregory Rainville during a hearing this morning.

Following their deposing of the trooper, the defense may seek to hire an expert witness, he added.

The state will depose Pat Field, a defense witness.

The sides agreed to schedule another pre-trial conference at the end of March, and to add the case to the April 8 jury draw.

The state alleges Prue was over the legal limit for impairment when his pickup truck collided with a Jeep driven by Newton on April 26, 2013. According to court records a breath sample provided by Prue nearly two hours after the accident showed a blood alcohol level of .122 percent.

The accident, which occurred on Route 105, caused the death of Gleason, 17, and sent another teen, David Paron, to the hospital with a fractured pelvis and femur.

Prue has been charged with DUI resulting in a fatality and DUI resulting in a serious injury.