ST. ALBANS — A local man has been returned to prison after it was learned that he might have been ready to repeat a pattern that led to his previous convictions for sex crimes.

Last week, Judge Martin Maley revoked probation for Scott Myers, 42, of St. Albans, sending him back to prison for three to 15 years, the remainder of his previous sentence.

Myers’ probation officer discovered Mayers had posted an ad on Craigslist for a female companion. In both of his previous cases, Myers met the mothers of the children he was convicted of victimizing through an online dating service.

Myers was convicted of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child in Franklin County in 2009. During that investigation, it was discovered that he had sexually harassed a 7-year-old girl in Springfield in 2006 by showing her pornographic films.

Under the terms of Myers’ parole he was not to access the Internet without prior written permission from his probation officer. In court, Myers acknowledged he had broken the rules of his probation.

Defense attorney Rory Malone arranged a deal in which Myers pled guilty under the condition that he be enrolled in a sex offender treatment program in prison within 120 days. If he has not been included in the program within that time he may return to court and revoke his guilty plea.

The treatment program takes two years.