BERKSHIRE — Lynn Cota, the principal of Berkshire Elementary School, will serve as the superintendent of the Franklin Northeast Supervisory Union (FNESU) for the next two years, helping lead the supervisory union through the implementation of Act 46.

Cota sat down with the Messenger Friday afternoon, just a few days into hearing the news about the position, to speak about the impending transition, her goals for FNESU and school consolidation.

“I’m filled with mixed emotion,” she said. “I’ve got this incredible excitement for the opportunity and the potential of doing this really important work while at the same time I’m feeling a lot of… it’s almost like a sense of grief because I’m very connected to this community and these kids.”

Cota will be taking over for the current superintendent, Jay Nichols, who is leaving to be the head of the Vermont Principals Association.

“Jay Nichols has been just an outstanding leader for FNESU,” said Cota. “His vision has certainly moved us forward. I’ve been working with Jay for many years now and feel fortunate to have had that time with him, learning alongside him.”

“When this opportunity came up, I felt kind of a pull to leadership so that we can continue to see the supervisory union move in this really positive direction,” she said.

“I just want to be a part of that,” said Cota. “I want to be a part of leading that ongoing improvement and progress.”

“I was born and raised in Franklin County,” she said. “So I’m really invested in this little corner of Vermont and I have experience in a couple of schools here in the supervisory union as a teacher, administrator and then as a parent.”

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