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Would you like to submit social news, such as an engagement, wedding or birth? Please include important details about your social event: For example, if adding an engagement or wedding, include parents’ names, where the couple went to school, where they work, and where they live or will live. Email all information, including photos, to our Community News Editor:

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Emerson Lynn : Editor & Co-Publisher
Suzanne Lynn : Gen. Manager, Co-Publisher, & Advertising Executive


Emerson Lynn : Editor & Co-Publisher
Michelle Monroe : Executive Editor
Joel Lehman : Managing Editor
Josh Kaufmann : Sports Editor
Elaine Ezerins : Staff Writer
Tom Benton : Staff Writer


Suzanne Lynn : Gen. Manager, Co-Publisher, & Advertising Executive
Jeremy Read : Advertising Director
George Berno : Advertising Sales
Kim Conner : Advertising Sales & Marketing
Catherine Connolly : Advertising Sales

Advertising Design

Katya Andrievskaia : Advertising Design
Jennifer Hayes : Advertising Design


Callie Braceras : Classifieds
Gail Wells : Classifieds & Legals


Rachel Hayes : Circulation & Retail Manager
Cindy Willis : Circulation


Tony Dupra : Press Operator
David Lavallee :