ST. ALBANS CITY — Once a month bowls of fresh fruit decorate the lunchrooms at St. Albans City facilities. It’s the most popular part of the city’s wellness initiative, according to Kristen Smith, the city’s public relations coordinator.

Smith is one of the leaders of the city’s wellness committee, along with Courtney Bushey, the city’s finance and human resources coordinator.

The city was recently recognized for its work with an Excellence in Workplace Wellness award from the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

The city has 70 full-time employees and approximately 10 part-time employees, including the police department and the Restorative Justice Center (RJC). The RJC is supported with grants, but is officially a department of the city.

The diversity of the city’s workforce and multiple locations have made engaging all of the staff a challenge, according to Smith. “Here at city hall we all sit at our desks, while at public works they’re out and about,” she said. Police officers and dispatchers have the added challenge of working evening and overnight shifts, Smith noted.

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