Careers come easy for trades grads

Students move into workforce right away

Elaine Ezerins

By Elaine Ezerins

Staff Writer

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ST. ALBANS — The 2017 graduates from the Building Trades program at Northwest Technical Center are having no problems finding work in the industry.

In fact, one of the program instructors has had to turn away businesses interested in hiring Building Trades’ students immediately after graduation because the majority either have a career in a trade already lined up or plan to attend trade school in the coming months.

Building Trades Instructor Steve Wunsch said when businesses call him looking for future employees, he has “nobody to give anymore.”

“They all got jobs,” said Wunsch. Twelve of the 14 students in this year’s graduating class either have jobs in plumbing, electrical, design, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and masonry or plan to attend trade school starting in the summer or fall.

“So I have jobs that I can’t fill,” he said. “And yet, our enrollment is getting low.” Wunsch said the number of students registered for Intro to Building Trades is lower than ever, despite the program offering open houses and speaking with middle school students about the opportunities available to graduates of the program.

He said after high school graduation, parents begin to worry about what their children will do for a living and whether it will pay enough to make a sustainable living. “Parents should be excited that these kids graduate from here with a career,” said Wunsch.

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  • Big Burly

    Wunsch is right about satisfying careers in the trades and high demand from employers. I know from the invoices I pay that these skills are rewarding financially ! And you can always go to college if at some later date that is of interest — AND you probably will not have to borrow to pay tuition, ‘cuz you will have made a pile of $$$ already !