In this image from soon after the turn of the 20th century, we see a gathering of 10 early motor vehicles here in St. Albans.

We don’t know if these are locals about to head out on what would have been an adventure, as the roads of that time were far from automobile friendly, or is this a group of adventurers traveling through the city?

The photograph appears to have been taken from the second floor of the Ralston block, where WD Chandler had a photo studio on the third floor. They are all parked at the bottom of Bank Street. The building at the left is now the location of Jeff ’s Restaurant, and one of the oldest business blocks in the city, which was heavily renovated after the Civil War. Taylor Park is at the right in the photograph.

Can you identify the make of any of these early motor cars? We can read the license plates, but unfortunately there are no records that go back to 1907 to know who the owners were.

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St. Albans High School class of 1929

The St. Albans Museum is also searching for a Class of 1929 St. Albans High School class picture. Contact the St. Albans Museum at 527-7933 if you know where one might be found.