ALBURGH — A 9,100-square-foot Dollar General store is planned for the intersection of Town Highway 4 and U.S. 2.

If built, and the chances appear likely, it would be located on a 1.44-acre plot in the intersection’s southwest corner, across from the “On the Run” convenience store and gas station.

A lit and landscaped parking lot with 30 spaces would be included as would water and wastewater services and the building’s other utilities.

Ruggiano Engineering, of St. Albans, and Zaremba Program Development, headquartered in Ohio, have taken on the project. Both are waiting for an Act 250 permit from the Vermont District 6 Environmental Commission. The permit should be issued April 30.

According to the district’s Environmental Commission coordinator Geoffrey Green, the project abided by the commission’s 10 environmental criteria.

“There isn’t a lot of environmental impact,” Green said by phone Wednesday.

Because the permit is being sought as a minor application and because Alburgh does not have zoning laws, the proposed Dollar General was not addressed in any official town hearings. Unless any concerns arise from the town, municipal planning commission, regional planning commission or from those involved with the project, no hearings will be held before the permit application is approved at the end of the month.

Though no public hearings have been held, Andy Hoak, of Ruggiano Engineering, did visit the selectboard in July to discuss the project. According to meeting minutes, all board members present at the meeting “agreed this would be a good thing for Alburgh.”

The store, once completed, should be open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week. According to the July minutes, Hoak estimated 12 to 15 people would be employed at the store.

Dollar General would not only bring cheap items and several more jobs to the area. It also would be the first type of retail business to come to Alburgh in recent history. According to town clerk Donna Bohannon, who spoke with the Messenger by phone today, nothing like the store currently exists in town.

“We just have some convenience stores and that’s about it,” she said.

Dollar General already has stores in Enosburg Falls, Richford, Milton, and one has been approved for Georgia.