ST. ALBANS TOWN — A planned expansion at the Ben and Jerry’s facility will cost $30.4 million and add an additional 65 jobs, according to the company’s Act 250 filing.

The expansion will bring the total number of employees at the company, which operates 24 hours per day, to 300.

The company is proposing an additional 30,560 square feet of buildings, additional parking and the construction of a pedestrian sidewalk.

The breakdown in costs listed in the application is: $9.4 million for buildings, $500,000 for site preparation, $1 million for roads and parking, $140,000 for landscaping, and $5.2 million for other.

The project will increase lot coverage on the company’s 42-acre site in the St. Albans Town Industrial Park to 44 percent, still well below the 75 percent allowed in the town’s bylaws.

The filing states the increase in production and employment at the facility will add 160 trips per day into and out of the facility, with six at the morning peak hour and 15 at the evening peak hour.

However, the filing also includes a letter from Green Mountain Transit Authority stating GMTA is open to cooperating with Ben and Jerry’s to provide more public transit for the company’s employees.

Ben and Jerry’s also states the company encourages car pooling amongst its employees.

To address stormwater, the plan proposes removing three of the four catch basins currently on site and expanding the fourth.

The economic impact portion of the filing states the project will generate $592,650 in property taxes, with $475,800 going to the education fund and the remainder, $116,800, to the town as municipal taxes.

The same analysis assumes the cost will increase spending on town services by $34,000 each year, with a net gain to the town of $82,800 in revenue.

The company’s Act 250 application is being treated as a minor application, and unless there are objections from an adjoining property owner or other qualified party by Oct. 14, no hearing will be held.\

To see the full application, visit the Act 250 application database located at