BERKSHIRE — Berkshire’s public library is closing.

Heather McKeown, who has operated the library out of her home in East Berkshire since Sept. 17, 1989, is moving. The 22-room house on Route 105, which has hosted visiting musicians and actors and been the site of numerous weddings, has become too large for her, said McKeown.

The annual show “High Brow to Hoe Down” started in her backyard.

Her main concern is not leaving her children with responsibility for the house, because they have busy lives of their own, McKeown explained. “If anything happened to me, it would be impossible for them to handle this place.”

Asked why she started the library, McKeown said, “Everybody in town does something. I didn’t want to be a fireman.”

It was also the result of a love of books and reading.

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