Author: Tom Benton

The Jig is up

EAST FAIRFIELD — A quarter-century in, the Jig in the Valley — once just a local band playing out the back of a flatbed truck — drew its largest-ever crowd. Nance Shaw, one of the festival’s organizers, said the 25th annual Jig in the Valley drew around 450-475 people. That’s a record. Prior Jigs have drawn 300-400 attendees. But Sunday’s Jig had a lot going for it. The sunny weather was warm but not hot; a soft breeze occasionally shook the trees on the East Fairfield village green, beneath which the less tanning-inclined attendees took shelter. And the performances...

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A flood of memories

MONTGOMERY — Walk in to Pratt Hall Saturday and you’ll see what look like still shots from a disaster movie: cars sinking into the earth, trees and pavement uprooted and cracked, streets coated in rubble. As if to support that idea, there’s a video, playing big on a projector screen, homemade recordings of rushing rivers overtaking the streets. A car alarm rings out perpetually; any driver sitting in the cars parked in these images would be up to their chest in muddy water. But two things separate this disaster movie from others. One, the images aren’t from San Francisco,...

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25 years of the Jig in the Valley

EAST FAIRFIELD — The Fairfield hills will come alive with the sound of music next Sunday. It’s coming from the 25th annual Jig in the Valley. Expect eight hours of music from noon ‘til dusk, by the likes of Brian Curry, Dale and Darcy, Carol Ann Jones and the Superchargers, the Missisquoi River Band, the Oleo Romeos, George Lewis, Jacob Highter, Joe Moore and Al Zansler and, all the way from West Virginia, Rush Run. There will be wood-fired pizza. Burgers and dogs. Deb’s pie table, offering every imaginable variety of homemade pie. A silent auction, where one can...

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The prosecution rests

ST. ALBANS — After months of hearings, false starts, motions and money, Norm McAllister’s trial almost wrapped up in one day. Almost. The State rested just past 3:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon. The defense, led by Bob Katims, told the court it planned to call one witness this morning. The lead witness’s testimony took up most of Thursday. She said most of what state prosecutor John Lavoie had told the jury, in his opening remarks, she would say. How she responded to a Craigslist post, advertising a job at a goat farm that could include housing. It was the housing...

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Gateway projects involve varying degrees of difficulty

  SWANTON — Two of the three properties identified for renovation as part of Swanton’s northern gateway project could be redeveloped in just two to three years for less than $200,000 each, according to a report from consultants on the project. A third property, on Foundry Street, could take up to a decade. The report by Fairweather Consulting and Stone Environmental was prepared for Swanton through the Northwest Regional Planning Commission (NRPC)’s Northwest Region Brownfields Program. The Sites One goal of the so-called “northern gateway project” is to make something out of those properties. The South River Street property...

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