Author: Tom Benton

Creating the future of Enosburg’s economy

ENOSBURG FALLS — Board members redefined the Enosburg Falls Economic Development Corp. (EFEDC) at a meeting in the Peoples Trust Bank Wednesday evening. The question before the four men and two women at the table was what the EFEDC should be — or more specifically, what Enosburg Falls could be, and how the EFEDC can make it happen. The EFEDC was created in 1986 to hone in on local economic opportunities. By 2009 or so, its momentum was spent, and the organization lapsed into near dormancy. As EFEDC board member Ward Heneveld put it at yesterday’s meeting, the EFEDC...

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BMTM moving to new Swanton facility

SWANTON — BMTM, the current upstairs tenant of the Memorial Building, will be relocating to a new facility in the Swanton Industrial Park. BMTM’s plans became public Monday night when the village board of trustees authorized village manager Reg Beliveau Jr. to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) initiating a process that will relocate BMTM. The move will keep BMTM’s 25 employees in Swanton. The village sold the Memorial Building to Gordon Winters, owner of Swanton Lumber, for a new Veterans Memorial Ace store last month. Critics of the deal claimed it would result in a loss of jobs...

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‘Honoring the dead, helping the living’

SWANTON — Given enough time, reliance on memory can glaze so thickly over facts that an entire story shifts. Take the Memorial Building, for instance, the history of which is not as idyllic as some have asserted, but, instead, simply a very human blend of physical reality and community ideals. With the aid of the Swanton Historical Society’s president, Ron Kilburn, the Messenger explored newspaper archives and local histories to uncover the Memorial Building’s history. That history began, more or less, at Swanton’s annual town meeting in March 1947 — more or less because, according to the Swanton Courier’s...

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Alewives invade Lake Carmi

FRANKLIN — Now that cold weather has finally dissipated a several-month-long blue-green algae bloom, Lake Carmi is contending with another threat: alien invaders. Local birdwatching enthusiasts Hal and Charlotte Bill discovered hundreds of unusual dead fish on the boat ramp of the Lake Carmi State Park on Saturday. They’re small fish, only a few inches long, and a plain silver, like living lures. Investigation by the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife (VTDFW) soon discovered those hundreds were only a small portion of a lake-wide fish kill numbering in the thousands. VTDFW has now confirmed Charlotte’s suspicion: that the...

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Village hires contractor for eco park

ENOSBURG FALLS — The Village of Enosburg Falls Board of Trustees awarded the village’s eco park project to Guilmette’s Handyman Services at the board’s regular meeting on Nov. 28. The project would renovate the site of the village’s former diesel generator, which the village decommissioned in the early 1990s. The village hired architectural design company H. K. Wagner to create a master plan for the renovation in 2010. Wagner’s design includes what the company called an “interpretive park.” The park would have included examples of wind, solar and other forms of renewable power, a concept village manager Jon Elwell...

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