Author: Tom Benton

Enosburg development corporation reconvenes

ENOSBURG FALLS — The governing board of the Enosburg Falls Economic Development Corporation (EFEDC) met for the first time in years on Tuesday, Oct. 17. Long-time members dusted off their books, maybe literally, as existing and recently appointed board members worked together to revise the corporation’s by-laws. The status of the board was a recurring question at Enosburg Initiative meetings over the summer. Franklin County Industrial Development Corp (FCIDC) director Tim Smith visited one meeting to explain the history of the board, and Enosburg Falls’ industrial park, which the board governs. The park currently has two tenants. Smith said...

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McAllister sentenced

ST. ALBANS — Judge Martin A. Maley sentenced Norm McAllister to nine months to a year, all suspended, with one year’s probation and multiple conditions, in Franklin County Superior Court today. Maley said jail time was “not proportional” to the charge on which a jury convicted McAllister, prohibited acts, essentially prostitution, based on sentencing in other cases. But the conditions of McAllister’s sentence are important. The court ordered he serve 25 days on a work crew, and that he complete a sex offender assessment, and follow its recommendations. The court also prohibited McAllister from contact with the lead witness...

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Scouting the past

SWANTON — Less people may have noticed the Warner cemetery than are buried in it, which is 14, for the record. But a Life Scout might change that. “Life” is the second-highest rank in the Boy Scouts of America, directly beneath the “Eagle Scout.” The Eagle Scout Service Project may be the most distinct requirement to bridge those ranks. The Eagle Project is basically a community service project, but one in which the potential Eagle must take charge. The may-be Eagle Scout must coordinate and rally whatever efforts are necessary to achieve the project, a project the Scout must...

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Month delay no dam problem

SWANTON — The replacement rubber bag dam for the Orman Croft Hydro Facility is on track for delivery in the second week of November, village manager Reg Beliveau Jr. said. But Beliveau used the term “on track” loosely. When the prior dam deflated in mid-June, Beliveau asked the replacement bag’s manufacturer, HTE, how soon the company could produce and deliver a replacement. HTE said the replacement could be delivered by the second week of October. That’s half the usual production time for a rubber bag dam. The bag’s installation, by PC Construction and Contractors Crane Service, would be done...

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Alleged kidnapper to remain in jail

ST. ALBANS — Travis Collins would be a strong candidate for home detention, Judge A. Gregory Rainville said Monday afternoon, if not for the allegations of violent conduct for which Collins continues to be held without bail. Collins was arraigned in Franklin County Superior Court on June 28, charged with kidnapping, causing bodily injury or fear, and interference with access to emergency services. The first charge is a felony, with a maximum sentence of life. Yesterday, Collins was back in court, as his attorney, Zachery Weight, argued that Collins was eligible for home detention. “Everything in the defendant’s life...

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