Author: Tom Benton

Things get Spectacular in Swanton

SWANTON — Gray weather did not prevent the Swanton Arts Spectacular from drawing close to 400 people on Saturday. The festival was the first stab at resurrecting the Swanton Summer Festival, an annual event from 1959 to 2003 that once drew 25,000 people, at its peak in 1984. “We had a nice variety of people who came,” said Darcy Benoit, the festival’s lead organizer, in an email. “It brought out many new faces that don’t attend the typical craft shows. It also brought in many from Canada and other states.” In addition to displays of artwork, the spectacular included...

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Bridge of Flowers and Light reopening

ENOSBURG FALLS — The Bridge of Flowers and Light, pictured above, is scheduled to reopen to the public today, according to the Village of Enosburg Falls. The bridge has been closed for construction since July 25. The construction consists of necessary renovations to the bridge, as well as a few additional repairs made possible by the surprisingly low bid on the project from Engineers Construction Inc. (ECI). ECI’s bid was $80,661, about $50,000 below the village’s estimated cost for the project. The construction marks the final phase of a three-phrase approach to repairing the bridge. ECI completed phase one...

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Swanton pop-up art gallery ending run

SWANTON — A steady stream of people popped in to the Swanton Arts Council (SAC)’s Pop-Up Pop-In gallery Thursday evening for a look at some unusual work from local artists Anita Michele Parah and Judy Paxman. Some of Parah’s work had a “steampunk” flavor, a style of art that contrasts a historic setting with technology anachronistic to the time. A jagged key chained to a journal dressed in gear shapes. A line of mousetraps covered in gears, keys, chains, gems, old buttons. “Peacock and Pearls” eschewed the industrial technology element for history, in this case the Jazz Age: a...

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New spin on church music

ST. ALBANS — The First Congregational Church is beginning its first fall concert series, comprised of entirely local artists. Those whose first thought is of the pain their spine might endure as they shift in the church pews, listening to three classical movements without interruption, are in for a surprise, according to Erin Grainger, the church’s music director. Yes, the performers in the church’s fall series use more “traditional” instruments: flutes, clarinets and cellos, for example. But Grainger cautioned against dismissing those and similar instruments as simply “classical.” “There’s so many other things that those groups of instruments can...

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Carmi water meeting boils over

FRANKLIN — A “TMDL Team Meeting Tonight” sign on the local billboard probably doesn’t suggest an explosive hour-and-a-half. But that’s exactly what Thursday evening’s meeting was, when residents and advocacy groups besieged Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets (AAFM) Secretary Anson Tebbetts with questions, pleas and insults about local farming and water quality. More than 30 people sat in the FELCO Room at the Franklin Homestead for what was, initially, a by-the-book, civil meeting. Tebbetts said he was there to listen to local concerns about water quality. He said the biggest issue in cleaning up the local waterways...

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