Author: Tom Benton

Lake Carmi residents seek legal advice

FRANKLIN — “I never imagined in my lifetime I’d see this happening,” Franklin Watershed Committee President Peter Benevento said at the committee’s meeting Thursday evening. He meant the amount of media and legislative attention Lake Carmi’s pollution has garnered in the past six months, but the same was surely true of discussing legal action to protect the lake, a subject committee members discussed with a representative of the Vermont Law School later in the evening. The committee’s members agreed that legal action would be a last resort. Benevento in particular stressed his hesitations about a lawsuit. He said he...

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Leahy: Trump’s tariffs would hurt manufacturing

SWANTON — Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy toured the Leader Evaporator plant here Friday afternoon after the plant’s management expressed concern over the economic ramifications of President Donald Trump’s proposed steel tariff. The President proposed a 25 percent tariff on steel on March 1, but later said the government will exempt Canada and Mexico from the tariff. Economists predict the tariff will raise steel prices. A press release from Leahy’s office said “any increase in the cost of steel in the United States, but not for Canadian competitors, would impose serious hardships” on Leader’s business and sales. Leahy toured the...

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Branagan not seeking re-election

GEORGIA — Republican Sen. Carolyn Branagan is leaving the legislature after 16 years. Branagan made the announcement while serving as moderator for Georgia’s town meeting last week. In a phone conversation with the Messenger, Branagan repeatedly emphasized that she is stepping down for purely personal reasons. “I absolutely love my work,” she said. “I get up in the morning and I can’t wait to go to the State House.” At the time of the interview, Branagan was about to drive to Montpelier to prepare for the legislature’s return the following day. “I love the feeling I get when I...

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Commission saving history, quietly

SWANTON — The Swanton Public Library’s basement was quiet late Thursday afternoon. Snow fell outside. Children’s dusty boots lined the nearest wall. Directly opposite those boots, up a ramp and through cracked double doors, four adults were quietly working to preserve Swanton’s history, their efforts as yet unknown to the broader public. Those four people are the Village of Swanton Historical Preservation Commission: Reg Beliveau Jr., who also serves as the village manager; Neal Speer, the freshly re-elected village president; Ron Kilburn, the Swanton Historical Society’s president; and Elisabeth Nance, Swanton’s economic development coordinator, who serves as the commission’s...

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Fairfield Meeting House renovations underway

EAST FAIRFIELD — Nearly three months of construction to renovate the Meeting House on the Green began Monday morning. Come May, the Meeting House will be handicap accessible, and show off a new performance space out front. The new performance space will be a semi-circular, one-level cement terrace with pavers and new lighting. Nance Shaw, of the Meeting House Preservation Team, said the pavers will make for safer footing. A wheelchair ramp will run off the reformed church’s west side and lead into a parking area reserved for those with physical handicaps. “We want everyone to be able to...

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