Author: Mike Frett

House of worship becomes community home

FAIRFAX – Perched off the main Highway 104 artery that cuts into the heart of the small town of Fairfax rests the pastel belfry and brick-and-mortar walls of a 170-year-old Baptist church. Built in 1848 with the donations of a younger Fairfax community, Fairfax’s First Baptist Church has seen its share of tenants, from the church’s original Baptist congregation to the United Church of Fairfax that took over ownership near the turn of the 20th century and the Freemasons that leased the building into this last decade. Today, the building has a new tenant and a new purpose: Now...

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Nihan returns as board chair

ST. ALBANS TOWN – With Town Meeting Day’s popular elections behind them, the St. Albans Town selectboard ushered in its latest incarnation with the elevation of selectboard member Bill Nihan to the seat of chair during last night’s meeting. Nihan, who previously served as the town selectboard’s chair, will be replacing Bruce Cheeseman. “I’m going to support Bill [Nihan],” Dukas said, nominating Nihan for the position of chair. “I think he has the knowledge to deal with the city on water and sewer, and all other issues that face this selectboard. … He’s faced all kinds of challenges, and...

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Richford cow named world champion

RICHFORD – Blexy the Holstein, born in Canada but raised in Vermont pastures, is seven years old. Her ribs protrude slightly and her muscles might look thicker and tighter than the average cow. Her udder protrudes more noticeably as well, and is far larger than the average Franklin County Holstein’s. Those traits just earned Blexy a place in the history books. Readers of the magazine Holstein International voted Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn to be the World Champion of Holsteins, beating out Holsteins from as far away as Holland, the United Kingdom and even Japan. Tim Abbott, one of Blexy’s co-owners,...

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BFA rallies for student safety

ST. ALBANS — The students of BFA-St. Albans were silent as a new name was read every minute. “Helena Ramsay, 17.” “Meadow Pollack, 18.” “Alaina Petty, 14.” The names listed, 17 in all, were those of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that had occurred a month and a day prior in Parkland, Florida. The shooting in Parkland and the ensuing shooting threats made at other schools have inspired a student movement nationwide directed at gun control and student safety. While the national movement’s walkout date was March 14, high school students from BFA-St. Albans...

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‘The world we live in now’

ST. ALBANS – Concerned parents and town politicians alike braved the snow Wednesday night to attend the inaugural presentation of SURVIVermont, the active shooter training presentation pulled together by local emergency service providers, at St. Albans City Hall. SURVIVermont was created by a coalition of local medicine and emergency service providers. Presented by officers of the St. Albans Police Department (SAPD) and AmCare paramedics, as well as instructors and leaders from Northwestern Medical Center (NMC) and the Vermont Department of Health, SURVIVermont is a training program devised to prepare community members for what SAPD Chief Gary Taylor called “the...

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