Author: Leon Thompson

Kiddie Garden

SWANTON VILLAGE –– For Erin McKechnie, owner of Kiddie Garden childcare in Swanton, spending the day with a small group of worry-free humans is wonderful therapy. “It’s good for you,” said Erin, who opened Kiddie Garden at her Canada Street home last April. She is entering her first school year as a home-based, childcare provider. “It’s definitely one of the best jobs in the world,” she said. “It’s so exciting to be a part of raising young adults.” Erin is a state-registered, in-home provider, and is active in the state’s food program for childcare providers. She is allowed a...

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10e Photography

ST. ALBANS –– When Jon Tenney launched his home-based photography business here in 2009 he wanted a unique name for it. So he played with his own. Jon operates 10e Photography out of his Brigham Road home, which he shares with his wife, Barbara, a local English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, and their two sons. However, Jon, a portrait photographer, does not have a home studio. Instead, he shoots entirely on location – a tip he learned from portrait photographer Fuzzy Duenkel four years ago, at a seminar in Wisconsin. Duenkel said most photo subjects are more...

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Auto Creations

ST. ALBANS –– Jason Lowell’s business, Auto Creations, is easy to find – and he’s worth finding, if you need his services. Auto Creations has two entrances in St. Albans: one is on a short dirt driveway behind Champlain Commons, the business complex on Rte. 7, and the other is just off the tip of Jewett Avenue, the road adjacent to Champlain Commons. Take either road to Auto Creations, on any given Monday through Friday, and you will find Jason restoring or repairing classic and contemporary cars, or painting a motorcycle to his client’s exact liking. “I take pride...

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Back To Health Family Chiropractic

ST. ALBANS –– A striking photo of Dr. Molly Keefe hangs under the light switch near the entrance of her office. It is Dr. Molly as an adolescent, smiling at home in Champlain, N.Y. Her hair is black. Her smile is bright. She weighs 118 pounds. “I don’t look like that anymore,” Dr. Molly said recently, at Back To Health Chiropractic, on Lake Road, behind the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. “Someday, though. Someday.” She was a three-sport standout athlete then. Then, a teammate’s envy changed everything. As a freshman, Dr. Molly replaced a senior in a starting position during a...

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Rixon Home Inspection, LLC

ST. ALBANS CITY –– Roger Rixon describes home inspectors as “the CSI of the buying and selling industry.” They “look for the clues,” he says. However, Roger’s style as a certified home inspector is to educate his clients about the property they’re buying or selling – not to just find fault in the home. And how does he do that? With the word in blue that tops the Rixon Home Inspection Facebook page: “trust.” “You don’t want to scare the clients,” Roger said on a hot July day, while at his Bank Street home in St. Albans, with his...

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UVM Medical Center Nurse Internship Open House