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How to cut back on holiday waste

The holiday season is a joyful time of year. But the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day also tend to be very wasteful. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that household waste increases by more than 25 percent during the holiday season. Reducing waste come the holiday season does not mean celebrants have to forgo big family meals or beautifully wrapped gifts. In fact, there are several ways to reduce waste without spoiling the spirit of the season. Give eco-conscious gifts. The environment may not be the first thing that comes to mind when holiday shoppers are looking...

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Welden House Hotel

From the St. Albans Museum: The Welden House Hotel was being built at the time of the Civil War. It was hoped that President Abraham Lincoln would visit St. Albans and stay at the hotel, but fate had other plans. The hotel stood intact for about thirty years before it would succumb to fire in the 1890s. We have also included a couple of photos of the main lobby, front desk and the very elegant dining room. The Welden House also housed the local post office at the street level, and a bank and that is the reason why...

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Where have all of the weathervanes gone?

From the Saint Albans Museum: In the 19th century the weathervane was a common part of the Vermont and St. Albans landscape. Many stood tall atop the cupolas of cattle and horse barns, and carriage houses all over the City and Town. Once there were running horse weather vanes on Congress and Fairfield Streets, a witch flew atop a structure on North Main Street, and a locomotive steamed into the wind on Smith street. Now all gone! One of the most unusual and probably valuable weathervanes was on top of the Holy Angels convent and school. Known as “Fame”,...

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Students celebrate Hiram Bellows with day of service

ST. ALBANS — Hiram Bellows was a humanitarian who wanted all students to have the opportunity for a high quality education. His contributions to the St. Albans and Fairfax communities have had immeasurable impacts. In recognition of his gifts to our towns, ninth grade students chose to give back in a variety of ways. Ninth grade BFA-St. Albans students helped in several of the high school’s sending schools, from cleaning trails and helping to weed gardens, to leading soccer practices and classroom activities. They also spent time cleaning the grounds at NMC, weeding courts at Houghton Park and spending...

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Highgate fire dept., community center promote safety

HIGHGATE — This fall, the Highgate Volunteer Fire Department and the Highgate Library and Community Center are teaming up for Fire Safety. Together, they are on a mission to reach as many classrooms and local daycare providers as they can. Their goal is simple. They want to educate Highgate’s children and their families on the critical importance of developing a home escape plan and practicing it. In addition to their outreach events, which will be happening from September 28 thru October 14, they are encouraging everyone to practice their escape plans on National Home Fire Drill Day, which is on Saturday,...

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Dr Judy Fingergut, NMC, VT