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Turtles on the move, drivers asked to take care

Courtesy of Vermont Fish and Wildlife MONTPELIER — It’s springtime and Vermont’s turtles on are on the move. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department (VFWD) is asking for the public’s help in keeping them safe. Female turtles are looking for places to deposit their eggs, sometimes choosing to lay along the shoulders of roads, which can end tragically. “Turtles often cross roads as they search for a nest site,” said Steve Parren, biologist for the VFWD. “They are a slow-moving animal in today’s fast-paced world, so they have a tough time making it safely across the road. Turtles grow...

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No borders for this international baby

ST. ALBANS — Arriving two weeks before her expected due date, Layan Malak Mahdi came into the world a seemingly happy and relaxed baby. Just moments after birth, wide-eyed and cradled in her mother’s arms, Layan stuck out her tiny tongue as her uncle snapped numerous photos. Born on the second day of the year, Layan was the first baby delivered at Northwestern Medical Center in 2018. She was featured on the front page of the Messenger with her mother Nour Akkad Wattar, maternal uncle Tawfik Akkad and NMC’s Family Birth Center Nurse Cecilia Ryll. Even before she was...

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Gathering of Fonda employees c. 1950

From the Saint Albans Museum: Recently, former Fonda employee, Richard Rushlow donated a collection of items and photographs related to his years working at the Fonda Container plant on Lower Newton Street. Nothing remains of the Fonda plant today but a few items, photographs and memories. The factory was completely demolished just a few years ago. Among the collection was this image. It appears that this group is perhaps on the front steps of the former Governor Smith Inn? And we do not know the reason for the gathering. What we do have fortunately are the names of the...

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SAPD officer’s collaboration with mental health agency recognized

ST. ALBANS   — Sgt. Jason Wetherby of the St. Albans Police Dept. has been recognized by Team Two, a statewide program supporting collaboration between law enforcement and mental health professionals. Wetherby was given the Team Two Frank Silfies Award on January 31, Mental Health Advocacy Day. The Team Two Frank Silfies Award, created in 2015 and awarded annually, is presented to a law enforcement officer and a mental health crisis clinician who work collaboratively to respond to mental health crises. Josh Cate, crisis service specialist for law enforcement at NCSS, nominated Wetherby for the award. Cate was hired at...

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Bank Street 1880

From the Saint Albans Museum: This photograph is one that it is easy to identify as the scene has not changed a great deal since it was taken. It was probably taken from a second story window in what is commonly known locally as the Ralston Building, which today is occupied by a yarn and antique shop,  and the kitchen supply store named As the Crow Flies. The building at the left is familiar to everyone.  At the time of this photo what is now Jeff’s was known as the The Corner Store run by the Twitchells.  Above the store was attorney,...

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